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Life Was Ruined

I should’ve saw the warning signs, I should’ve told someone when he was doing everything that was leading up to rape (grabbing me inappropriately & whispering how I should “give him some”) I didn’t want to tell him on him because he was my uncle and I would’ve been known as the ‘home wrecker’ I started avoiding him more & that meant the rest of the family, like, at family reunions. July 4th my mother made me go so I could see family (for once) It was good, I just didn’t go near him and hung with my cousins until the end of the day when everyone was gone besides the adults that have been drinking. I was in a building that was made for an outside eating area. He, my uncle, came in, drunk as usual complementing me as usual. He locked the door to the building and got on top of me… he weighed more than me and was all around bigger than me. He raped me. I didn’t tell my parents, I didn’t tell anyone up until November. My therapist at the hospital … I was diagnosed with PTSD ……

(if you were raped & reading this please tell someone. Don’t let them get away with this.)

— Survivor, age 16

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