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Looking for a lawyer & advocate

My name is Schlomit. I was Raped at 3.5 yrs by an 18 year old who was on some kind of drugs. He tied me up and blindfolded me and after all the pain of what he put me through I was lucky to convince him to let me go to find my mother. My mother Rachel was also a rape survivor and the pain she felt to find me raped at such a young age was immense. After spanking me because I had disappeared from the house she realized I was injured somehow so she rushed me to the emergency room where I required stitches from the violation. Telling my mom what happened was the best thing in the long run because my mom found a social worker and had the man was arrested for what he had done. The damage perhaps to my soul is something that I continue to try to heal. Seeing your film last night at the Tucson JCC has been life changing to me and it his only been 12 hours since I watched it. The PTSD I live with is so terrifying at times. I rarely ever sleep through the night and am always on neighb orhood watch. If I hear screams of terror I am the first to call 911 even if I have no idea what the cries are about. I have been like this since I was a child. My mother did not believe a therapist could help me but I sought one as soon as I moved out of my mom’s house at age 18. For my senior high school project I wrote a book of art and poetry about healing from rape. Sadly it was stolen within a year of my writing it and so I never was able to publish it. Again at age 32 I was raped, strangled and forced into acts I would have never wanted to participate in. It was humiliating and disgusting and I would rather not mention the details at this time. As a result of this horrifying incident, Hashem blessed me with a beautiful child that I have been raising as a single mother for the last 7 years. My child is the reason I am still alive. I believe it was his spirit that was giving me the will to get out of that deadly environment were I was held captive. I am struggling to support my son and have been paralyzed with fear about pressing further charges. If it is not too late Linor, I really need your help. My mother died before my son was born and my father blames me for what happened to me. I am a woman who wants very much to heal from this and to help other survivors. I will make Aliyah and do anything that I can to do Tikkun Olam. Please contact me.

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