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Lying Child Molester

When I was 14 I had met a guy who told me he was 18. Even though I told him I didn’t want to date he kept persisting and eventually we did have sex. Soon after our consensual sex I had received a phone call from his 17 year old girlfriend (who also had a child with him) and his mother that he was actually 23. When he would call I would tell him to leave me alone. Yet, he would threaten to come by and hurt me if I were to ignore him.

My dad had tried kicking me out of the house at 14 because he thought I was still contacting him since he would still call me. I just didn’t want him to abuse me. He stalked me for about half a year when no one was at my home and when I was in school. He came so often to my school that I had to have someone with me at all times during school, yet he would still sneak into the building.

One day, when I was alone at home, I woke up to a knock at my window. It was him and I didn’t let him in. He ended up finding a way in and raped me. It was like an out of body experience and I had no strength to fight back because I knew he would abuse me. Afterwards, I couldn’t even use the restroom on my own out of fear that he would rape me again. When I went to go get tested for STDs I found out I was positive for two. I got tested because one of the STDs gave me pain down there and it had a horrible lingering smell that I had to wait to get laser-off. It was so embarrassing in public to have because of the strong, unpleasant scent and the pain made it difficult even to sit or do any physical activity.

However, months later I found out that he was sent to prison for 45 years for stabbing his pregnant wife and killing their unborn child. I told myself that could have been me if I didn’t obey him. I never told anyone until I was 21 and planning to live on my own. I told my mother that I was afraid to live on my own because of the possibility of being raped would constantly cross my mind.

— Alissa

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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