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Manhandling to Rape

I am 21. I have grown up believing that love anywhere anytime and driven by this feeling. I met a guy few months back. It was an instantaneous liking, from chats to coffee if only I knew then his intentions. One day he invited me for a drink and after 2 drinks I felt dizzy. I could feel him fondling over me. .Kissing me against my wishes but it didn’t go any further that day. I later thought that it was probably a sway away of emotions and to meet him once more. This time it didn’t take much as soon as I entered his home he locked the room and forced himself on me. He stripped me brutally, twisted my arm and finally took my virginity. I was scared to share this with anyone as I am scared of social stigma but still I get flashbacks of what happend with me. He treated me like a piece of flesh or sex object left me bleeding and this truth has changed my life. Not for good but for worse it seems.


  • Alexis
  • Chloe


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