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Many Years Ago

This story happened many years ago. To this day i did not tell this story to another person. But today i am sharing this because people say if share you pain with others it makes it easier and it can make changes.

I don’t now how many years I had the time it all started, maybe seven or eight years. I was born in 1991 in a large family, as the youngest, I have two sisters and two brothers. From that time I have some good memories. My opinion is that I was born in a good family, we had good moments that we spent together and bad moments but it was nice. My mom was a good person she was kind and loving. She liked going to church and spending time outside, and she was a person who loved to help people but also hardworking person. My father is a good and nice person, he did a lot for the family and it is also a working person.

One of my sisters had boyfriend, he was nice and my family accepted him. At 18 years she had a baby it was a girl, my father told her that if she has a baby she can live in the house but must provide for her family financially and he will not financially support her. She made a successful high school and got a job.
Working time in this job was that she worked a whole day and the next day she was at home. Every Monday she had a day off.
And so I became aunt at 7 years. At that time, in the house came to live with us her boyfriend.

He lived with us for some time, and I remember that one day he asked me if I go with him in our vineyard. I was seven years old and a ride in the car, was fun for me. And there was the first time, after that he bought a small toy and said that nobody should know about this. At that time I did not know what it was and that it was something wrong. The family did not talk about it much at this age, and education was more focused on the fact that the child does not need to know everything and and I think I was more shy child. And so it continued, wherever I was alone with him, he wanted to use the opportunity, like when I came home from school and there was no one else at home.

At the beginning I was bothered about the Facts no one should know. After a while I got the knowledge that this is sexual abuse and that’s it is wrong. The information I had was not much but at that moment I thought I was to blame, that this was my fault. I thought how humiliating it would be for the family if somebody would now, I thought that my family would hated me and that I would destroy the life of my sister. When they were other people in the room he behaved normally and after a while they all loved, he became part of family.

When I became older I started to resist this, I did not want to be in the same room as him. But it was not easy because as the younger sister I was a nanny for my niece. With my sister’s daughter, we spend time playing together and watch TV and over time become very good friends.

My sister had a horrible working time. She worked until 23:00 pm, and he had a lot of opportunities. I wanted to stop this,
When i was 10 years old and it almost stopped, maybe because I was older or because and I started to protest against it and avoiding him. I wanted to tell about this to my mother or someone in the family but then something happened that changed everything my mother she became ill with a disease called cancer. She had two operations, she tried to overcome but in the end the disease won. It was a painful time for the whole family. She died when I was 13 years old. After that, it did not happen, it stopped.

After my mother’s death, our relationship with my sister became stronger, she was there for me. Now I live my life normally on,
As if nothing had happened. I’m 23 years old, sometimes I feel all this were just a horrible dream, so much time has passed. With my sister and her children have a good relationship.
With him I discuss the basic stuff. Now I’m making my goals for the future and he will not have a part.

I know it would be right to tell the truth. On the other hand, will this make a change for me. In the past, my sister also did not have a simple life and she is also had to overcome different obstacles. I think this would do great harm to her life. Now she is happy in her life and I would take it all away from her, I think that I can not do that to my sister.

First I would like to apologize if there are any spelling mistakes usually do not write in English.
I would like to say thank you to you for your web site, because I think it can really help people. On this web side have found hope and it helped me. When I was younger I had a feeling that this was happening only to me now I know that I am not alone.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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