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Memories Are Back

It has not been a year since my father raped me, and everything changed since that day I did not return to be the same person I was before, I thought that maybe could get over act as if nothing had ever happened but I could, my mother took me to see three psychologists where all of them diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder. I wanted to send him to jail but my mother did not agree she told me it made no sense that he had been a great father for many years and only made a mistake my mother the person who is supposed had to support me destroyed my hopes of getting justice. I change I try to get ahead on my own to start a life without my family I finish my studies and I moved with my boyfriend I was starting a life trying to be happy with the person I love and leaving everything in the past when out of nowhere the memories of abuse began to return I feel that the situation is out of control, before I could relive the moment detail by detail but now I do not remember the nightmares also returned sometimes in the middle night i wake up screaming and my boyfriend tries to stay calm I remember that after a nightmare I asked if it was the first time I woke up screaming he told me it happens to me all the time every night. I no longer now how to handle the situation I just want nightmares to stop and leave all this trauma in the past.

— Maria, age 18


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