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Men ruined my life

Growing up, my older brother mistreated me, abused me, and left me in eternal emotional agony. when I was only 12, my brother was 17, my mother went to work and my dad had the day off I was in the living room watching tv. my brother wouldn’t stop torturing me and I got to one point to where I stood up for myself and that’s when he got me down on the floor and started beating me with no mercy, my stupid father was to drunk to do anything, he made matters worse. when my mother came home that evening, I tried telling her and my drunken father started complaining about his ‘almost grown children wouldn’t get along’ no dumb*** it was my brother who always starts it with me! my mother had to quit her job so she can protect me from my brother, then when I was 14 & 15 I was molested at a PetSmart by a male that worked there. for the last 10 years, I have been in and out mental hospitals 5 times and recently diagnosed with bipolar with psychosis…..I really hate all men.


  • Nicole turnbull
  • Alexis


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