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Born A Girl

When I was 10, I noticed men looking at me differently

When I was 10 to 12 men and boys of all ages honked their horns, whistled and yelled profanities at me

When I was 13 my friend and I were walking home in the daylight, when a man came out from his backyard and asked us if we wanted to drink beers and join his party

When I was 14 a handsome man in his 20’s began spending time with me. I thought he would love me forever if I gave him my virginity. He accepted and took it because he could. He was known for his interests in young girls, yet he stayed quite popular

When I was 15, I was intoxicated and walking through a park. I could hardly stand, let alone walk. A man pulled up in his truck, walked up to me and raped me. He left me there. I eventually made it home. Sometime later, I served him at my work; it was not until he smirked an uncomforting grin that I realised it had been him

When I was 17 my brothers friends gave me ecstasy. At some point I must have passed out. I opened my eyes; I was lying naked in my bed, with one of them beside me and the other at the doorway pulling up his pants. I passed out again and I am unsure of what happened after. I told someone about it years later and I was made out to be a liar. It gave me a bad reputation

I have chosen to share only some of the sexual assaults I have endured throughout my life. By the time I was 20 there were too many to count. As much as my life is unique to me, sexual assault is not. We have a problem and together we can create solutions

The time has come to stop judging, stop the name calling: bitch, slut, whore etc… 
 Stop making excuses by looking at someone’s race, wealth, behaviours, clothing, addiction issues, well-being, promiscuity, intoxication etc…
NONE of these things say Rape Me I Deserve It
Nor do they give anyone a license to Rape
No one deserves to be raped – stop finding reasons to lighten the load of responsibility for the rapist.
Start protecting the victims.


Your Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Niece,
Or possibly any girl you know because,



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