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#MeToo 5 years later…


i shared my story on this site a few years ago about the time i was raped by a stranger. i’m surprised at how easy those four letters rolled off my fingertips as if i was just writing anything.

over the years i have been in therapy a lot on and off and have tried all different types, from holistic, to energy, to art therapy and of course regular talk therapy. sadly, i still have ways to go – its a long road for me and over the course of therapy i learned that what i thought was one isolated stranger rape that caused me to have all these problems i have today, i learned that i was raped and assaulted numerous times beginning in my teenage years and because i was young and naive the first time anything happened to me i always assumed that’s the way things were supposed to be.

today a lot of people were posting on their social media, twitter, facebook, instagram etc. #metoo if they were assaulted, molested, raped or violated in any way – guys and girls. i really wanted to post it and went many times to write something on my wall but then got embarrassed because i didn’t want my friends and family to know this about me. its something that i’m hoping one day i will be able to share with them. i thought i was ready but i realized but not being able to write those two words, #metoo – that i’m not ready.

it took me a long time to finally be able to hear someone mention the word “rape” when they were referring to me, and i still can’t voice it, but for me to just be able to let those four horrific letters flow off my fingertips makes me feel that i’m making progress, even if its super slow.

i really hope one day that i will be able to share my story with people that i know but for the meantime, i am forever grateful to Limor for creating her documentary and this website. would really loved to meet her one day. Linor if you are reading this – know that you are such an inspiration for me and I hope I will have the honor and privilege one day to meet up with you.

— survivor, age 20


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