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#MeToo I am 1

Entertainment has no monopoly on the casting couch.
I was at an upper class party, selling a new company division, rather than just 1 product. I had a dress I couldn’t afford, and borrowed jewelry. A new agency engaged to sit my daughter, and I stopped to pray at my husband’s gravesite. I was up to be the first female Vice-President in the company. Nailing this sale would clear the last of our debts, my daughter could go to the school I wanted, and I could have the self-respect I needed so much.

If you have never been to a Good-Old-Boys Club gathering, a woman has to look good, converse, joke, party, more than twice as well as the gentlemen. I brought my ‘A’ game, becoming one of the centers of attention. I also was flagged for a ride home early, though I kept my willpower to not blow the game in the ninth.

When the closing bell rang, it was a Board-sitting President I went home with. Arm-in-arm, we went to his car, which was about twice the value of our house, total not counting mortgage.
We talked about me a lot, as we had graduated from the same top class business school, and he saw me in that new VP position, I mostly remember that phrasing.

He had pulled into a lot.
He leaned over to me and kissed me.
I couldn’t believe that I worked to get here.
I was not remotely ready for this.
He reclined my seat.
He fondled and exposed my breasts.
I could hold my own in a business meeting.
I could think of nothing to do.
He climbed on top of me.
He removed my panties.
I would surely lose my division if I said no.
I was about to be sexed in a car like a teenager.
He released his male member.
He rubbed it on me to find the position.
I felt him enter, and I went elsewhere.

I do not remember any of the actual act. It was nothing arousing, such as with my husband, physically or emotionally. He might have taken a minute or an hour, I have no way of knowing. He had his climax, and inseminated me, which is the point I came back to my used body. He got his phone, and typed, and told me I have an appointment on Monday 9a in his office. He started the car, and told me to get dressed, as I was exposed. I couldn’t get my panties up from off my ankle. I thought am I Executive material?

He drove me home, and Thanked me, and action that I wish he would have left it at Used my vagina. I stayed gracious, as I departed for my safe home. I paid the sitter, and she went home.
I then had to cry, then cry, then Cry.
I worked so hard, to trade in sex.
My daughter heard me, and came to see what was wrong. I had to stop, and told her I had hurt myself. I was hurt, it was not a lie. I hugged her for a long time.

Monday, I had my paperwork filled out, and handed a bunch more to form my division. He wanted my first report on Friday, Ms. Vice-President.
He also hinted he wanted another date.
We didn’t have a first date.
He raped me on the way home.
I first thought that word right then.

I had my doctor place me on birth control, against church doctrine, but covered by the company medical. They want to remove that, but I know now how to get that refused.
My daughter is enrolled this year in the school she qualified for.
I have higher debt, but paid regularly, for clothing and items needed to function as an Executive.
I have to meet with him about once a month. So I can feel objectified.
I have less time to myself.
This is Good, as when I think about how I got here, I hate him, and I can’t stand Myself
Share. I want my Name found.

— Jillian, age 38

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