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When I was in first or second grade I was molested by a girl in my neighborhood. I wasn’t the only one though. This also happened to my cousin when she’d occasionally visit. I’m going to call the girl who did this A because that’s what her name started with. A was my dad’s bestfriends daughter so I saw alot of her. She was about 4 years older than me. A would come over all the time and we’d play in my back yard with my dog but I had a little play house in my backyard as well so being the girly girl I was I’d always wanna play house. A would always make me play the boy though and one day when we were playing she decided to show me what “husbands and wives” do. She and I got up on the small little loft in the play house and she grabbed my hand and put it on her breast and told me to squeeze,so I did. I didn’t know any better,I didn’t even know what boobs were. Then she started kissing me and putting her tongue in my mouth. The only time I had kissed anyone was kissing my mom and dad goodnight but growing up i couldnt even do that any more. That was the first time it happened. The more it happened the more it would escalate. She’d start rubbing herself on me and touching me down below. She’d always be the one to tell our parents we were gonna go play. We didn’t always play house,some times wed play a game where I was a baby and she was my mom and she always wanted me to “breast feed”. This all went on for over a year till I finally moved away. I’ve seen her one single time since. I was in 8th grade the last time I looked my molester in the face and she never once looked at me. She did all those things to me 10 years ago and I still remember it all. I’ve never told a family member. I’ve been too afraid to. I’ve only told one person and he’s stuck by my side for three years and counting. Maybe my story is similar to some one else’s but regardless,I felt the need to share it all in as much depth as I could.

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