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I was a young girl 8 my aunt’s husband started touching me then showed me his penis. I was scared to tell my parents. My dad would have killed him.

I think there are things I can’t remember sometimes it like a bad movie in my head. I am a woman now, and got married. When I had two daughters a man came to my door and asked to use phone. I told no. He pushed his way in and raped me. I never told my husband and family saw my bruised body but I told them I got away. When I cried know one knew. My husband was wonderful.

Until today, no one knows that sometime I still just get overwhelmed by it all. My aunt doesn’t know. I never let my girls go around him by themselves.

Thank you for having the courage that I don’t. You could never understand my life or my culture. Today I have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren and yet I am just 50. You are very brave, but I never could tell. My culture would never understand. I would be the first rape victim and molested. No one in our culture ever has murdered, raped, or abused children. My uncle did come from our culture. We take care of our elderly and our children become our whole world. I just need to tell my story and hope you read this. I can’t tell you my name please forgive me.


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