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Molested as a Child

I was very young at the time. Not for sure exactly but I was younger than 9. My babysitter left her son to watch me really quick while she ran an errand. I asked him for a snack and he told me to sit on top of him and he would give me one. I had to take of my pants and underwear so he could touch me down there. I believe this happened twice as far as I can remember. We were then caught….. well at least I was. He blamed me for coming out of the bathroom without my pants on and I got sat in a corner. I remember crying and trying to tell my babysitter what happened but her son won. My mom asked me what happened later that day but I told her nothing happened. I didn’t know it was bad since I was a child and didn’t know any better. I’ve kept all the anger, disgust, and shame in for years. Recently after being in a mental hospital I opened up about it more and am now seeing the affects it has had on me over time.

— Julia, age 16

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