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Molested, Tortured, Rape, Survivor

As a young girl, I was molested by my mother’s boyfriend son. I thought it was okay to let a little boy play down there, but then later on in life it was not.

At the age of 16, I was walking home and saw these guys walking up behind me. So, I ran into this shortcut but to my surprise they followed. As I ran into a hiding spot they caught me. It was seven of them and little ol’ me. They tortured me. They beat me with a wire, gun butted me, burned me with a lighter, pulled my hair, and had gotten me drunk. Every time I fought back I would be chocked or punched in the neck. I remember blacking out and waking up naked in this disgusting motel with them starring at me like I was a piece of meat. One of the guys screamed out “hold her down.” I tried my hardest not to let them do it, but they were strong and I wasn’t. He sent the youngest over to break me in and raped me. He told them to let go of my arms and he choked me. When he was done he spat on me and said I am nothing but a whore. I got up and walk into the bathroom shaking. They all followed me into the bathroom and watch me cry in the shower.

They grabbed me out and continued to rape me one by one. They recorded every moment of it and sent it to my mom and my boyfriend of three years then afterwards sent it to everyone. I wanted to die inside. I cried scream until I just started staring at the ceiling. When they were finish they broke two of my legs and thrown me on the side of the road to die. I was found by a gentlemen. He took me to the hospital where I was treated.
Then a year afterwards, I was raped by my one of my very close friends. He always liked me as a girlfriend and I thought of him as a brother. He raped me in my room and ran away. Now I am currently pregnant with his child.

I have never pushed the case with the 7 gentlemen because they threaten to kill me. So they are free and the guy who I am pregnant for nobody knows besides me and him.

Someday I wish to die, but then I want protest against it.


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