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Molested While Sleeping

Hello my name is Christian Helen Alvarado,

When I was 7 years old my mother and father had Separated and were filing for divorce and my mother was fighting for child custody. I live with my father for 2 years in the time they were separated . It was me and my oldest brother Eddie Gabriel and my baby brother Eric. In year 2003 my mother won the custody battle for all 3 of us. All the family was happy that we were home with mother and in best care. Sometime late during this we moved to small 1 bedroom apartment in Houston Texas. That’s all she can afford my mother also had a boyfriend his name is. Raul Moreno my mother and him were going are 3 years being together. One night I remember sleeping in the living room. And I woke up with a burn feeling in my private area. I also urinated on my self but I was very shy to tell my mother. I was too young to know what the situation was at the time. As time went by I realized my private area would be red and burning when I go to the restroom but I felt awkward to tell my mo m because I didn’t see her for 2 years. And I wasn’t sure if her reaction was going to be understanding or maybe misunderstanding at the age of 11 years old we were living in Baytown Texas we had a house there my mother was purchasing With Raul Moreno. The house was a three bedroom and the third bedroom was my bedroom that I shared with my oldest brother. I remember one night I finally spoke up and told my brother that my private areas were burning and I wasn’t sure what to do. What should I do tell mom or just keep it to myself and he was too young to know and understand a girl’s problems. But then I told him why don’t we do this why don’t we just lock the door and our room. So we can see if security at night I just felt like something was off with my body. So we did this close our door with a lock and a piece of wood to push it so that it wouldn’t open and somebody pushes it. Then the next day in the morning my brother’s bedroom window was cracked open. And the wood was removed I notice I urinated on myself again and my underwear were pulled down and my clothing where my breast area was had been pulled up. I was in shock when I woke up especially knowing that my vagina was bleeding. I wasn’t for sure because of my menstrual started but I had so much pain in that area I ran to the bathroom cause I didn’t want. My brother to see he would of freak out I never told my mother I started my period. And I also kept a secret that I felt like I was being molested while sleeping I started acting weird at school I was getting bullied. So it was harder for me to speak up to my mother. Plus her personality was weak she didn’t understand a thing. Because she wasn’t taught how to speak with her children certain way of knowledge. But one day I decided to tell her crying about how I woke up that one morning with pain and me and my brother knew about the whole thing. And just kept it a secret that everything was moved she freaked out she went to the police station to make a report. And they right away recommended that my mother would take me to the hospital. To have me examine and have a camera take pictures of my vagina area and it was said that there was parts of a vagina that looked to be irritated and those signs were that I was molested it was heartbreaking. For her she was told to turn those pictures into the police station. Which completed our case for him to be arrested but outside at police station. He showed up to prove him not guilty of this dirty crime. He made her feel like she was shame and that she wasn’t a good mother if she did this and that. I was a liar he also convince her to stop and he offered her money begging for his freedom. After all this happened outside a police station he never went to jail for what he did to me and my mother was weak. But there was an issue that happened and I didn’t know after that he beat up my mother and his truck and told her if you were to put him in jail. He promise her this exact words, I’m going to kill you! So my mother fear for her life and just make sure she ran away with us and never look back again. So I hope that this message will get heard and that I could get help to find ways to put this nasty monster. In jail and make him pay for what he did to me because. I am now older and speak for myself I am suffering from this. I can never get over until I know he went down it is so hard for me now. Knowing that he is walking around free and thinking what he did is OK he took something from me that I would never BE THE SAME I JUST WANT JUSTICE AND GUIDANCE.

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