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More Than Once

I would like to share my story with you. It all started around age two when my grandfather started molesting me, then taught my uncle to do the same
The whole time growing up, I really thought it.was all a dream, till one night when I was 18 I heard my sister telling my mother the same story, that I had always thought was a dream.
I did end up telling my sister and mother about what happened. My sister was the first one I told because my parents we divorced and Re married and my sister had really because my mother, even though she’s only five years older than my brothers and myself, my brothers are older than me. So yes my mother had four kids in five years.
But back to my storry, my mother didn’t react like I thought a mother should have, but you would have had to known her to understand her at all, she was an alcoholic, then drug addict till she passed away.
I remember being scared to be around them ” grandfather and uncle”
But at my age I had no say so, this continued till I was four and we moved back to our home state, and a thirteen hr drive away.
I thought now I’m safe from them and I was. But then tragically my father’s parents use to baby sit since my parents divorced by the time I was five. My grandparents next door neighbor was a child preditor,and he stated messing with me, I guess I was seven or eight, that went on till my grandparents moved, once again I never ever told anyone.
When I was thirteen I was raped by two men in a field by my mother’s home which, by them I was living with her, I can till this day remember what they both smelled like, again I never told anyone, at fifteen again my tragic life hit me again. I was raped by a man I soon found out that had raped and tried to murder another woman in my town, one again I told no one.
When I was married to my third husband, well we were dating when it fist happened, he wanted sex one night and I told hI’m no, I had two small children then none of them were his, but he started holding me down and tearing my clothes off and banging me around, so I gave in and told him l we t me go to the rest room, check on the kids, and I’ll give you what you want “just so my kids wouldn’t hear and wakeup and walk into what was happening g to me” he slammed me against the wall and had had his fun with me, I went to call my mother she lived upstairs from me, but he took the phone and said once I leave call her, and as soon as he left thats what I did, I didn’t tell her her raped me but that he just roughed me up some, like a dumb I took him back married him, it.was ok for a few months un till he decided he could do what u he wanted when he wanted to me, I finally got away from him or so I thought, it ended he up being he had stolen a 35u that belong to our friends and the friend had let h spend the night, that next day at her home he tried to take my life, he was dragging me through her kitchen by my hair when her father that also lived there spooked him ” her father was hard of hearing so he had not seen nor heard any of this” as her father spooked him he let go of his grip enough that I could sling myself into that bathroom and lock the door, a voice told me to get in the tub so I did. I heard 3 shots and in my head thought he had killed him, my friend, and her two year old daughter that watched all its happened. Then thank you sweet Jesus then I heard three more shots, and her father say that boy just shot up her rental car, he did an three hour standoff with the police, then he gave up, he only record 20 ys and was out in two and a half years, after that I was raped again. I took a friend I worked with home after work one night after I did I stopped at a stop sign where two men jumped in my car made me drive up the street because my car was way to small for what they had planned for me, once again I told no one, about ten years ago I was raped again by someone I knew but didn’t know. He was a homeless man that for some reason hung out at an abandoned apt next door to where I lived, my other neighbors feed him, and helped him but all I knew was his ne, that night I was outside let my dogs out to potty before bed, my back yard was pitch black, when I heard hey “bleep” can I borrow a cigarette from you, I had no reason to be scared of him, and I told him yes but they were in the house so let me put my dogs up before my 175 lb boxer bites you, when I came out and around the back, I got hit in the head with a brick, I only remember waking up in leaves and my pants and under ware off, I took a shower and scrubbed until I bleed, got dressed, we to the bar my boyfriend at the time was working at, he kept asking me what was wrong, so I finally told him, the next morning he loaded me up and took to the er, they did all the rest and said she’s has sex but I see no legends in her, so they thought I was lying, they never even picked him up or questioned the man and I knew his name, they tough I lied because I took a shower, I even had a bite mark on my left breast.
Then I remembered why I never told before because when you tell they treat you like either your lying or you wanted it.

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