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Mother and Son

When I was 13, I was able to have my own room without my brother, but looking back at it now I wish we had the same room. Almost every other night my mom would come into my room when I was sleeping and rape me. Most people say “It’s not rape if you liked it.” Well, I didn’t like it and had No control over it.

I found out that she was doing it one night when I woke up to her on top of me. I tried to get her off me, but I didn’t have the strength. When she did it, she didn’t use a condom and made me release inside her. I could only hope she didn’t get pregnant.

She got up and kissed me on the lips and said “Thanks son and your the daddy of this baby.” I tried to confront her about it, but she ignored me. Without any male figures in my life and no one to tell, I had to live with that.

Now I’m 15, raising my 2 year old son/brother. I don’t know what to do, so around him. I act like me and my mother are together, but I will always look at my mother differently.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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