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Moving on Alone from Rape

I am a 26 old women. When I was 25, I was raped by someone I never knew. I was on a dating site. A guy started talking to me we exchanged numbers. He sounded nice we started messaging each other. Good few hours later, he wanted meet in the following day. I was unsure, but I still told the guy my address. I regretted it and I was like what have I done. Following day comes he messages saying he will arrive at my place soon. I panicked thinking “oh my god no no.” So I refused to answer my door. He texts me saying I will not hurt you I promise. I let him in we started talking. After about half hour he comes towards me touching me in places I don’t want him to. I told him to stop, he never did. I was crying. I scared after. I tried to get my phone to call help, he threw it across the floor. He said if I don’t do what he says he would smash my face in. He undressed me. I was crying even more. Fear in my mind thinking I gonna die. He raped me. He left. I fell to floor in tears unsure on what to do. I messaged friend saying I need help. They advised me to go to the police I did. The guy was arrested and charged of rape but they released him after 7 months. It was so horrible.

Last year 2015
I met guy few times got on well met up few times. He offered me a night out to meet his family. I did and I felt anxious wanted to go home. This guy in front of his sister pulls me across the floor by my hair. After telling me get up in anger. I got up says we going to the shop. He took me to some woods pulls a knife out and say I have a sharp knife do what I say or I use it. I panicked he raped me 5 times drugged me and went back to his sister. He tells me to keep quiet. I go to the toilet. I bleeding really bad thinking what the hell. I go home, my mobile was stolen. Managed to message my sister on my laptop. After she comes round and calls the police. He was released on bail. He never was charged.
My eyes I never felt believed by the police.

— Chandal, age 26


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