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My Best Friend

This story has a lot of layers to it so bare with me here. About 3 year ago I started dating this guy. He was nice and friendly and I wouldn’t expect anything less. A couple of weeks later this guy started to change from friendly to abusive. Spreading rumors around the school. I started getting bullied at school and online. Once I tired to break up withy boyfriend but that didn’t go well. I don’t want to go into detail but I had realized I has gotten pregnant. I didn’t wants child growing up in this environment so after she was born. I gave her up for adoption. But I was still in this nightmare of a relationship. I finally had enough and attempted suicide. I was in the hospital for many days. Nobody pressured me to tell them anything and I was relived to hear that. While I was in the hospital my family tried to all the missing piece. I Would like to say everything turned out fine but it didn’t. My boyfriend was my brother’s best friend cousin. When I went to talk to his friend Jake I just wanted to attack him. He knew all along what was happening to me but didn’t tell anyone anything because he didn’t want to be part of the problem. Well that didn’t fly with the rest of my family. We are good friends with Jakes entire family and treat them like family and for him to be a bystander is really sad. Our family no longer had contract with Jakes family anymore. I broke up with my boyfriend and now I am cautious about who I want to be friends with. Today I am going to reach my goal and life my life my life to the fullest even though a lot of people told me I couldn’t. But I will just because they said I couldn’t.

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