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My “Best Friend”

I was 15, getting ready for my sweet 16 in the coming months. My best friend was the same age. We had known each other since we were two and were inseparable. He was pretty built from being on the football team at school.. He came to my house late one night because me and my boyfriend were in a huge fight and I needed some best friend time. We were laying outside when he suggested we went inside so he could “use the restroom.” Before i knew it he shoved me into my guest bedroom and locked the door. I knew something was not right. The next thing I remember was him kissing me. Our friendship had never come to this, so it was not something we had done before. I was confused and asking him what he was doing and he told me that when he left my house we would never talk again and told me not to tell anyone. He pushed me onto the bed and held me down with all his force. There were bruises on my arms from his tight grip. I’ve never been the same since that night. I began to have severe anxiety attacks. My friends are all still friends with him because none of them know what happened that night. It pains me to see him everyday. He gets to be happy, while I am still affected by what he did to me. When I told my boyfriend what happened, he broke up with me and accused me of cheating.. Since then I have a new boyfriend who knows about the incident and is very accepting and supportive of me. It does get better and you do get past it. “I am the sea and nobody owns me.” -Pippi Longstocking 🙂

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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