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My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

My junior year of high school I had class with this guy I had never seen around school before. It turns out he transferred from another school and as time passed he began dating one of my best friends. I had a crush on him but I obviously didn’t purse it.
We became friends and talked a lot in class. Eventually him and my friend broke up. And one day he text me asking if I wanted to hang out. I agreed and he came over to my house to watch a movie. He ended up pulling out a bottle of vodka. And of course I wanted him to think I was cool enough to hang out with so I was taking shots with him.
We began kissing and making out. But then he started trying to take off my pants. I remember telling him no. But he kept going. He pulled his pants off and put himself on top of me. I told him no again. I remember him saying things, giggling, maybe he thought I was playing around?
I told him no for a third time and then I felt him force himself inside me. I wanted to scream for help. But I was afraid of being seen like that. And I was afraid of getting into trouble for even having a guy in my room to begin with. After it was over he left. And I laid in bed and cried. I threw away all the clothes I had been wearing that night and I forced myself to forget that day. All I recall is the incident and that it was sometime in May of 2008. I was 17 years old.

And yes. My friend did end up finding out. But of course, I was slut shamed.

Sometimes I feel like I’m over it. But sometimes I get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I remember.

— Christine, age 25


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