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My Brave Daughter

Last year my 13yo daughter told me that her friend confessed that her stepfather was indecently touching her. Her friend was afraid to tell her mother because she thinks that the authorities will take her away from her own family. After persuading her to seek help and the school helping us to report the abuse to the police. Her stepfather was arrested but he posted bail. The court case will be next month and my daughter and I as well as two of her friends will testify in court. I think she’s so incredibly courageous to tell me about her friend. When the detectives interviewed my daughter, they asked me if they can interview her by herself. They were impressed by her maturity and bravery to speak out. I think because of her, she saved her friend. For a little while, her friend refused to speak to her but I told her that she did the right thing and what kind of person are you knowing what you know and you let it be. I for one could not live with myself if I knew and did nothing.


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