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My Brothers Two Best Friends

On July 23rd 2016,
I went bowling with my brother, his girlfriend Destiny and my brother’s two best friends, Chase and Francisco (Paco). We bowled and had a few drinks at the bowling alley. We even had a funny bet that the loser would have to run down Howard Street naked. (It was a joke bet not a real one.)
My brother got first place, I got second, Chase got third, Paco got second and Destiny got last. While bowling a few of my other friends showed up, we will just call all of them Nick. They were very intoxicated. Their DD was drunk so he asked me if I could take them home. I wasn’t drunk so I was able to drive. My brother and the others went to my apartment to pick up some alcohol; I drove Nick and his friends to cookout, the gas station and then back to their apartment and then met up with destiny and my brother and his friends at destiny’s apartment and picked them up. We then went back to my friend Nick’s apartment. Nick “paid” me with Xanax for driving them. He also took out a Taser and was playing with it like it was a toy, this scared us enough to want to leave. Nick went outside and then my brother and everyone else was playing beer pong for a few minutes. I was in the kitchen getting some water for my Xanax I was taking. Paco came into the kitchen to get a beer and
I told him that I wanted him to make sure that nothing was going to happen to me that night.
He said “something like what?” and I told him “anything” He said that he would make sure nothing happened to me.
That’s when my brother, Destiny and Chase and Paco decided it was time to leave that apartment.
I drove us back to Destiny’s apartment and then the DD back to his apartment in his car (the driving was all happening in the DD’s car.)
Destiny and my brother came to pick me up at the College Place apartments.
That’s when we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a chaser and a snack. We got a 2 liter of Dr pepper or coke I believe and some popcorn.
That’s when we went back to Destiny’s apartment.
We made ourselves drinks with Vodka, Tequila and Captain Morgan’s.
We played Tony hawk and sat on Destiny’s bed for a while smoking and drinking and talking. Paco put his arm around me (chase was telling him to) and I told them I wasn’t interested and to stop. Paco then started to play the game with Destiny.
Eventually we ended getting hungry so we went downstairs to get some food and ended up all going outside and hanging out. We all were outside and found a cone outside and were just doing some handstands and flips.
We went back inside got some blankets and pillows and went into a closet that was downstairs in Destiny’s apartment. We smoked down there and talked for a bit (everyone) that’s when Destiny and my brother said they wanted some alone time.
This was around 3 am.
So we all gathered up our things and Destiny drove Chase, Paco, and me to Paco and my brother’s apartment where they dropped us off.
Please keep in mind that I trusted both of these guys, they’re my brothers best friends! Right?..
Destiny and my brother left and went back to Destiny’s.
I saw my brothers other friend (big Chris) sleeping on the couch, so we couldn’t hang out in the living room.
That’s when we went into Paco’s room to hang out.
He had 3 light bulbs on his celling, three black lights.
Someone grabbed a tennis ball, which was glowing.
We would take turns on throwing the ball to the two people on the bed.
I spilt my Drink on the side of the bed near the window. (I don’t recall getting this drink but I know I had one)
Chase went to the bathroom, when he comes back his pants are down and his dick is out and he’s talking about how hard it was. I told him to please pull his pants up and that I didn’t want to see it.
I laid on the bed just looking at the black lights half asleep and very intoxicated.
I wanted to go to sleep.
And no I didn’t say that with my own words, I did say I was tired.
Paco was on the left of me and Chase on the right.
They found my phone and went onto my Tumblr, someone they got porn to pop up, I’m not for sure if they looked it up or what happened in this case.
But regardless they both started showing me porn, and being like “so this is what you like?” “You’re so bad” and things like this I tried to take my phone from them but they overpowered me and kept it.
That’s when Paco stuck his hand inside of my shirt.
I tried to push his hand away but I couldn’t get the courage or strength to.
He started to play with my boobs and chase was laying there beside, just watching. Telling him more things he could do.
He went into my underwear and started fingering me.
I was just laying there, very out of it, in a state of shock.
He took my shorts and underwear off and stuck himself inside of me; he didn’t use protection he didn’t stop when I was crying and just laying there.
I tried to make words and tell them to stop but it was just a mumbled no.
Chase took my hand and with his hand he make me jack him off.
They communicated the entire time:
Chase- “how good is she?”
Paco- “ She’s soo good dude, so tight!!”
Chase- “go deep, get it in there”
I was just laying there crying and looking at the black lights above me, It’s all I could focus on.
They continued saying things like this during the entire thing, which I say lasted from 15-30 minutes.
When Paco was about to cum, they were saying-
Paco “Do I cum inside of her? Or where?”
Me- “no”
(this is when I finally was able to muster out a word, because I wasn’t on birth control I new I had to try something)
Chase- “cum on her tits”
I tried to pull my tank top up because I was trying to get the cum to go on it and not me.
They wiped me off with some cloth and then left me laying there for awhile.
I couldn’t move for awhile.
I finally got up and grabbed my phone and went into the bathroom.
I texted my friends asking for help even called some.
No one answered; It was 6:30 am.
I was crying for awhile, I used the bathroom and then I went into my brothers room.
Chase came in and asked me
“are you okay”…
Then he asked me if I wanted to go home.
I said yes and that was basically last thing I said to him.
He drove me home and that’s when I told my friends and roommates and they called the cops and that’s when an officer arrived.
She took me and my friends to the hospital, everyone was looking at me constantly. I had a cop, 3 friends and Oasis was there.
They didn’t have a female doctor so a male doctor did my rape kit. He was nice though.
I went to counseling yesterday.

My brothers two best friends raped me on July 23rd, 2016.
I’ll never forget it.

3 months before this my roommate assaulted me, and I’m still dealing with court from that.
I’m a very depressed and anxious person, the day that I was raped, I was wanting to commit suicide.
If I would have done it this wouldn’t have happened..
But now I don’t want to anymore..
I want to fight, for what so many people haven’t fought for.
This didn’t only affect me this affected every single person around me and THAT is not fair.

Thank you for reading my story, if you were raped, do something about it. I’ll be meeting the detective on my case on July 27th.

I’ll trust again one day.

-Hannah, age 21

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