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My Classmate

I was only 12, I was the pretty smart girl with the big boobs had a rich family and all that , my parents were on vacation and I decided to stay home with my siblings they went out shopping and I told them I wanted to stay home finish my home work and so I did , I took a shower in my moms hot tub and the lights go off I opened the door and I see a boy taller than me he halt me by my hands took me to my bed I struggled to fight him he was pulling my hair……. He took of my towel and my underclothes then he striped off and started touch me he sat on top of me and raped me ……. I told my parents they traced the cameras got the boy who turned out to be my class mate told his parents and asked if this should be taken to court but they disagreed and said we will take care of it and my parents said if he ever harmed you again just tell us
The boy never came to school again .

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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