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My Coach My Rapist

I grew up in a fun, crazy, happy, and healthy household. With an two older brother, older sister, and two younger sister we are all pretty close Basketball is my life. I grew up in a small town in Missouri. So small we didn’t even have a football team. Basketball was everything my school thought about. And I was lucky enough to play. My Coaches spent so much time helping me perfect everything I had. My freshman year one coach retired and we got a new one. Young… early thirties. He was flirty but I thought it was funny. Over the summer he worked with me more than the other girls. He told me I was gonna be great one day! Sophomore year started and things were going great. At the rate I was going, I was gonna be on the starting line up EVERY game! One day after practice in September, after we all had changed and were heading home, New coach called me into his office. He said he needed to talk to me about college recruiters. His office was s mall. A small sofa and tv in the corner with his desk against the back wall. One window looking outside and one window looking onto the court both covered with blinds. He was saying that he new a guy that could get me into OKC with a full ride. I was so excites. But then he shut the door and locked it. He said I had to do something for him. He shoved me down on the couch and pulled down my jeans. I fought so hard. He lifted my t-shirt over my head. I couldn’t move my arms from them being bound in my t-shirt. He took off mu underwear with his teeth and unzipped his pants. He raped me right there on that couch. 15 years old, naive, innocent, and scared. When he was done I pulled my clothes on and ran out to my moms car. I didn’t say anything until a few months later he stopped me after practice again. But this day my eldest brother Chris was picking me up. He pinned me up against the wall and stuck his hands down my pants. I tried to scream but he put his other hand over my mouth. After about two minutes Chris came in looking for me. He pulled the coach off of me and carried me to the car. He told my parents what he saw and I told them what happend in September. I sobbed the whole time. We went to the school but they didn’t believe us. I was shocked that this school I loved so much wouldn’t defend me. I decided that I didn’t wanna go to court, Coach was wealthy and we were struggling because my parents were about to be putting three kids though college and shortly after three more. We moved to another small town in another state. After a while this town started to feel like home. We had our fresh start. I didn’t tell anyone here what had happened to me except a few close friends. I am in college now, playing basketball, living out my dreams. I was content with not sharing my story until yesterday. My mom called me saying that she needed me to come home. My school is forty minutes away but I made it in twenty hearing the fear in her voice. When I got home my mom, dad, and older sister were sitting in the kitchen. They said that my two younger sisters, Emmalin 17, and Hannah 16. Had been sexually assaulted at a party. They want to share their own story so i’ll let them do that. But I was so enraged I started looking for outlets. I needed to tell my story. After all these years I;m ready. Here it is, my story. My name is Kylie and I was 15 years old when I was raped by my coach.

— Kylie, age 19


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