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My Daughter

My daughter was molested (8 yr old) one time by one of my brothers. God is so great that allow me to find out as soon as it happened. Soon after that we moved to US. In that week when happened I told my mother and she did not believed me, I told my dad he did not do anything and I did not want to expose my daughter to the police or government doctors examinations.

So I didn’t do anything.

I has been 22 years ago and it hurts like if was yesterday. Few years back living in US where you learn that you need to speak about it, I started to tell everyone in my family about what he did to my daughter. Few years ago I became a Christian believer but in my mind I have not been able to forgive him, I pretend he does not exist. We had a wonderful childhood, great parents and I still don’t understand WHY HE DID IT.

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  • Ashlynn


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