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My Daughter

Hello I’m Jack,

I just finished watching Brave Miss World.I must say I cried like a baby. I wanted to share with you my daughters story of being molested at age 6 by and older girl who would visit her grandparents who lives across the street from our home.

To give you some background our home and life, our lives are faith filled and my daughter who I’ll call P for this letter is a very unique little girl. Very loving and pure of heart and mind, her life was all rainbows and butterflies. She is very intelligent and kind. She is my best fiend in the world, we have a very close bond in life.
The girl who molested her, I’ll call M. She is 3 yrs older. I came home from work and asked my mother in law where P was.  She told me in her room playing with M so I went to her room to surprise them to find when I peeked in the light was off and they were under her loft bed in silence with a cover draped over as to have a tent like setting, which isn’t unusual due to us reading stories under there before bed. I had a weird feeling and said for them to come to the living room and play. I remember seeing P walk past and her pants were twisted and underpants sticking out. I didn’t say anything about it because she was 6.

As weeks went on bedtime was a struggle with her going from complete happiness and ease to an all out hysteric event. We tried nightly to figure out what the change was about until the night I went in to see what I could do to help. She said she was having nightmares but wasn’t asleep. I told her to explain, that she is safe. She told me when she closes her eyes she sees what M shows her. I dug deeper and found that she was seeing pornographic images in her mind that M was showing her on M’s phone. Then she told me M touches her and tells her special friends do this and it’s ok not to tell its a secret. I died inside that night but remained calm to help her through her story. She said 3 occasions M would kiss her down there and touch her there and make her do the same. I realized the twisted pants and underwear sticking out was one of those times.

We reached out to professionals for P and had therapy sessions. I also see a therapist to help me cope. I said I died that night but also came anxiety and depression with that death. Through this molestation Children’s Youth Services were notified and dealing with M and her family. My wife and I have divorced but give much love and support to P. P is a resilient girl and has seemed to adjust and thrive over the last 2 yrs until recently. Anxiety has set in and we are not sure if this is due to the aweful experience she suffered or something else. We are figuring it out in therapy now. P has 2 very loving homes and very normal lifestyle around her to help her through her struggle.

This film is a wonderful thing to have made for victims and family of victims. I applaud Linor’s strength and ability to thrive after such an event. God is all powerful and will always walk with us. I am thankful that I chose to watch your film not knowing what it was about. I know P is not alone in this and either am I. Thank you very much and many blessings to you, Linor.

– Jack Thompson, age 41


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