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My experience as an intern in highschool

I was a senior at Towson High School in 1970. I was allowed to be an intern for half the day in my chosen interest. I was a member of DECCA, and did well, so I spent half the school day at the Towson Times, a member at the time of Stromberg Publications in Maryland. I was a bright student working at Towson Times, doing everything from drawing cartoons for the paper, as well as going around to ad sales with the top salesperson …one day, this person took me to my house during our sales run to my house in Hampton…we went in, went to get a book…he came with me, and I turned around and saw his penis out and he asked me to quote blow him…next day went to my intern job and I thought bravely went to the editor of the Towson Times and told the story…the editor said, that is his best salesman, so look for a new internship and I did…I am proud of my sixteen year old self that I did that even tho I lost my job…it wasn’t that I wasn’t believed, it was that I didn’t matter. And I was just a kid. I still feel to this day, that I did the right thing. Even tho no one cared thanks for listening.

— Marsha, age 64

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