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My family friend

For as long as I can remember my family was friends with him and his family. I guess you could class him as an older brother, we would play video games, go camping together even sleep under the same roof as him. But I guess as you get older every ounce of innocence leaves. I was really good friends with the girl in this family, I had already turned 18 and then it was her turn to have her big night. At the start it was so much fun I was over the moon, but then I had a little to much and all I wanted was to go to sleep, so I found a bed, the brothers bed (nothing wrong with that we are like brothers). However, that was the worst decision I had made. I may have been drunk but I knew what was happening and I knew exactly who it was. He touched me inappropriately, and then proceeded to stick it in… and I couldn’t do anything…
A couple of days later at work (he works there) he spoke to me as nothing had happened. I lasted another 5 months working with my rapist until I couldn’t handle it and left my job without another job to go to. I tried to get back to “normal” I went out put a smile on my face and slept with guys, trying to feel some sense of love or normality. But nothing has come of that, I feel so much hate not only towards him but to myself for letting myself get into that situation.

To this day I have spoken to only a couple of close friends about it but they don’t understand any of it. I still haven’t told my family due to the fact that my dad would probably end up in jail for murder, or they wouldn’t believe me.

I wish I was strong enough to do something even now still. I think people should hear each other’s stories, it feels so good to get of your chest, and you know people are out there going though the same emotions you are.

— Tyler, age 20


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