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My Fault or His

I was 15 and went with my friend to a kickback there was 4 guys there but I knew 2 of them and one of the guys my friend really liked. My friend ended up getting so drunk she passed out so I was left alone. They were all encouraging me to drink, and me being the person I am, I didn’t back down and drank all that they told me to. I remember falling asleep on the couch and waking up to someone on top of me. My struggle with this is I don’t know if it’s his fault or mine. I don’t know what I said, what if I asked for sex is that rape or is it my fault? I talked to my friend about it the next day and we called one of the guys to figure out what happened and he said it was the guy my friend liked, he was 18. She took his side in it and made me feel as though I deserved it. She’s the one who kind of put it in my head it was my fault. I just want to hear opinions on whether people think it was my fault or not I think that would help me a lot


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