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My First Assault

My name is Elyse, this isn’t a rape story, but I felt the need to share I’m 20 years old and this is one of my stories.

Over the past week I stumbled upon this website, I read and I had cried for other people. I finally had an insight to the reality and numbers of assaults toward men and women.

Before reading these stories, I knew about assault, and the impact it had on people, but I had never had someone touch me. I believed people were too afraid to approach me because of the reputation I had.
Until last night..

Last night I went to my local pub that I’m a regular member at. And have only had one altercation with a male a few weeks ago, but nothing serious. my best friend works at the bar, and I know the front bouncer so I tend to feel safe. Later throughout the night I went to sit down outside and to my surprise the guy I had an altercation with weeks ago was sitting across from me, and I begun to feel worried for my safety (He got barred, but let in today) He quickly begun being abusive toward my friend who was with me, (he’s a male friend)

I left to tell the bouncer he was threatening us, and his friends saw that I had told on them, as I was coming back outside to rejoin with my friend one of his mates grabbed me and pulled me toward his body and had his hands on my hips and said something perverted. I froze and without a second thought I threw the biggest punch I could infront of everyone, he did not retaliate, one bouncer saw the whole thing and refused to tell the front bouncer, I was been seen as “Emotional, and had overreacted” I was silenced by someone who is meant to protect me.

Now, I know how it feels for someone to take your power, and use it against you. I encourage every women, and male who’s ever been touched without permission to stand up for yourself. I’ve always been a very straightforward person, and I don’t like being messed with.

Be strong, and let your voice be heard.

— Elyse, age 20

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