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My Girlfriend of Two Years

‘m still not sure if this was rape but everyone – including my therapist – is naming it as such. I’ve also never told this story in detail and I know that this may make some people uncomfortable… But, here goes:

We started dating when I was 13. A few days after we began dating, I turned 14. The first “happening” was 8 months after we began dating. I had never been sexual with anyone before, I was a virgin. She told me everything was going to be okay – and she took me into the (public) bathroom by the park in our town. She began touching me and I wasn’t sure what to do. I remember saying “okay,” and nodding to whatever she said. This happened multiple times. Some occurrences would even include a belt tying my wrists together or her choking me while touching me. She stopped touching me in February, a couple months before our two year anniversary.

I’m still not sure if this was rape/sexual assault because I didn’t put up a fight (meaning screaming, hitting, pushing, etc). I need help.

— Survivor, age 15


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