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My husband was home

I was throwing a Halloween party in 2016. I invited a few coworkers and some friends of my husband and I. We are a very young married couple, at the time 19 and 20. I was very excited that a friend on mine was coming. He was 46 and one of my first new friends at my new job. He was married and I didn’t think I needed to worry.
My husband and I like to party, we drank so much. We had never drank that much before.
I only remember that night in waves, but what I remember the most was being told I had to go upstairs to find something for my coworker who had come to the party. I tried to be a good host and go get it for him. But I learned he was just trying to separate me from my husband.
He forced himself on me in my husband and I’s bed. Repeatedly. I kicked as heard as I could and tried to bite him, but I was too drunk. My husband was passed out drunk downstairs. I was raped in my home with my husband a few rooms away.
It is so hard to feel safe anywhere. I feel his disgusting hands on me all the time. He told me I asked him for it, but no matter how drunk I was, I am married and know I wouldn’t have. I told my husband I was sorry and he has been so gentle with me and tells me it’s not my fault. He says he should have protected me. But I feel so much guilt.

— Tina, age 20


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