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My Husband Was My Attacker

After stupidly falling for a lie to get me back in his grasp, I spent 3 months being held in a motel room against my will by my extremely abusive husband. 3 months of abuse that turned quickly into near nightly sexual assault. Finally, after realizing I was pregnant and terrified more than I’d even believed possible, I got the courage to sneak my cell phone from under his pillow. Resulting in my rescue, by my mother and sister, Memorial day 2013. Besides confiding in my Ob/gyn, it took me a year to admit to others the abuse I suffered. I even had to fight legally for the custody of my son, whom I have birth to in November 2013. A child conceived through rape, by a man who is a monster. It’s been almost 3 years and I still suffer daily. I have heard it all. How it was “his right” or how I was embellishing my story. How nice of a guy he’s always been. How he’s had a rough life and it wasn’t his fault. It was the drugs /alcohol that drove him to do it. But I survived. I lived through the nightmare and I get stronger with every doubt and accusation.

— Alicia McDermott

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