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My Innocence Was Taken Away

I am a rape victim. I was raped twice by a family member who is my cousin. It had happened when I was 11 year old at the year of 2005. It was summer break and all kids want to have fun with families and friends. However, my male cousin used to came and visit us and hang with us until he came one day to feel me up me while my rest of the family members were watching television. And couple days passed, he came back while I was playing with my brother. I went in an empty house to see a cat that when in there. The empty house is in the my parent yard. My brother didn’t told me that my cousin was there and he came in the empty house upstair where I was. I was looking through a window until he grabbed me and pushed me toward a door. He started to kiss me and touch me up. Then he had sex with me without my permission. In addition, he threatened me if I tell my brothers can get hurt. However, I didn’t say a word and I was scared. He came back couple days later, my mother, brothers and I were getting ready to go to a party. One of my brother was outside while the other two were in the bedroom sleeping. I was in the living room watching television. He grabbed me and pushed me toward the refrigerate and told me to suck his penis. I was scared and he told me if I don’t he will hurt my brothers. I did it and he raped me again. One of my little brother came out to see but he was too young. I was crying and vomiting out. I was so scared. I had keep it as a secret for three years until I couldn’t take it anymore. However, my mother and father don’t want to believe because they don’t want to cause family conflicts. However, I told some people my story and I was brave enough to tell. Although, he is walking and happy with his life. But I live with this fear and that my childhood was taking away by someone I think I can trust.

— Survivor, age 22


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