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My Journey Back to Life

I was six years old when I was raped and molested by a close family member. I suffered physical damage, emotional damage, as well as having my spirit broken for most of my life. My mother gave drugs to stop me from being hysterical and not sleeping at night. I had my first overdose on the pills she was giving me at 9 years old. By the time I was in high school I was a strung out addict. I tried to quit but my refused to let me get help.

For many years I tried to kill myself because I could not speak about what had happened to me. My mother forbid it. My mother died in 2007 and I thought that I might finally have a chance to get the help that I needed and learn to get my spirit back and love myself. I’m still on that road but, I’m coming back strong. My belief in God is helping me in my journey. In January of this year I had 2 years clean. Someday I hope to meet someone that I can have a loving and respectful relationship with.

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