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My little girl

I am the mother of a girl who has been raped. we have just moved to Sweden, from another west European country. my daughter tried to make new friends in the klsine village Asljunga where we live. As an overreacted mother, I went to see the parents and whether there are certain values ​​and values.
In retrospect, it turned out to be not a nice friend and had forgotten to tell the foster parents that their foster daughter is completely unleashed, and does everything that God has forbidden. This so-called girlfriend has taken my daughter to the lake, less than 500 meters from our house. Also, this girlfriend has two boys from 16 and 17 years.
to make a long story short, 1 of these guys raped my daughter, every time she did not work, he pushed her under water.
it has a lot of imnpact on our whole family, we are devastated.
It was hard to see how my daughter was taken away with the ambulance, having talked to ten different police officers, sisters, doctors and psychologists. How the boy has been released because of lack of evidence and several witnesses. how we are totally at the ground, how my husband lost his job, was severely depresseded at home. how we are stuck in this village where everyone knows what happened and has his own opinion about it. we simply can not return to our own country, we are imprisoned here as a family.
i just want to let you guys know, that it have a impact on a family.


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