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My Mother’s Life Partner Sexually Harrased Me throughout my childhood

When I was 13 & a half my mother took me out of school & used me as a labor child . She prevented me from going to school , having friends, or ever leaving our home for one full year I worked like an adult DAILY in her clothing factory, I slept on her bedroom floor while she & her husband on a bed.
I slept in the bathroom twice as her punishment to me . I had to deal with protecting myself from her husband’s sexual advances towards me especially when she was not around .. eventually I grew tired of my living situation & wanted to be in school like normal kids so I asked her husband my “stepfather” to please talk to her & let me go back to school & he stood up & pulled his pants down & asked that I perform oral sex on him. I never had sexual experience at this age & I was very scared & in shock . I refused to do it & sometime after that incident I left my home in the middle of the night & ran away . She is still with him today & I will never forgive her.
I wish her infinite hell and a painful death.
This is my story
Thank you for reading.

— Carolina, age 41

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