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My Own Family

I was only eight when my uncle first raped me. It was horrible. I was crying. He told me it was just a game. I didn’t know what was going on. When he had finished with me, he would take me to the shops and buy me something to make me feel better. He said I was such a good girl for him. I know why he did this, to make me feel like I was safe and wanted. After he did it, he used to say it was my fault and I wasn’t to tell anyone or he would hurt me. He strangled me so I knew he wasn’t playing. He really would hurt me, and he did this went on for three years.

When I did eventually tell someone everyone was so supportive. I went to court and I thought my life was finally getting back on track when they sentence him to ten years. Two years later he was out in the community my world crashed down on me again I thought he was going to be punished but no.

Anyway I’m sixteen now I’m slowly getting back to being me. I just want to send out a message stay strong and never lose hope. This man is now all alone and never allowed near kids again. He will die a bitter old man!!! You guys are all so strong and brave. This is just one in millions of story’s. Let’s stop this now


— Survivor, age 16

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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