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My Rape

I am 17 years old and live in Canada. I was with many people from my town at a campsite 2 hours away, a tradition for all graduating students called prom camping. I had only been there about 2 hours and I had been drinking but not much. I felt extremely tired and a friend took me to his tent and told me I could pass out there and he left. It turns out the reason I felt so tired was because I had been drugged. Someone hand slipped something in my drink. When I was in the tent the next thing I remember is a guy that I knew from my school on top of me. I tried to scream, but my voice didn’t work, I tried to fight using my arms but I could not move them. I felt parlayed, but i could feel what he was doing to me. I have lost many friends over this due to the fact that many people like him, he was popular. He started rumors at school saying that we had had sex. This was disturbing for me to find out because in my heart I felt like you are so stupid this is you admitting to raping me. A friend came to my house and told me that she overheard my rapist and a friend talking, my rapist said that “As soon as she started to wake up I left the tent”. I finally broke down and told my parents after about a week. It has been very hard for me. The police are involved, however I feel like the case is going nowhere due to lack of evidence and the fact that he will deny it and say that it was consensual. The police tried to convince me into saying that I had a moment of weakness. As of now my faith in the law is almost non existent. My goal is to make sure that my rapist will not hurt anymore girls. Thank you for your time, this is still a fresh wound for me and it feels good to share “my side of the story” with women who can relate to me. #IAmBrave

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