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My Rape

I was raped by my emotionally and physically abusive husband while living abroad. I had finally decided to leave and lied telling him it was a trial separation, either way I was going home. And that despite the fact he always had sex when I said no other times over the past decade that I would not ever let him touch me again. So we got into a verbal altercation which then escalated into a physical fight.

He roundhouse kicked me in the face, breaking my orbital bone (it was fractured in two places I learned later) and while I was unable to defend myself further he raped and sodomized me. Only my mom knew (and she only knew about the rape) until he started stalking me here in North America from his home in Europe. Then I had to alert local police to alert customs and border patrol so he will be questioned if he attempts to enter this country as he has threatened to kill me on tape and through email. I unfortunately cannot press charges for the assault or the rape and sodomy which still I have told no one about because its so embarrassing due to the legalities of living in a different nation from where the crime happened.

— Survivor, age 35

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