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My rape story

So my story is really weird and awkward, because it really goes back to when I was dating this guy in 9th grade 2 years ago who made it seem I always had to please him and make him happy and I mean we broke up eventually when he did it, but you know we were still friends and we still fooled around and he would do things and say I made him do it… Well, there’s your background. Anyway, this past summer i went to this concert and i started dancing with this guy, because I love dancing and its fun. But we head back to his tent to walk around and chat and just you know chill. Then we start kissing, because he was drunk and awkward from being high and he had been really friendly, but then he starts pulling both of our clothes off and I’m not really fine anymore and it just blows out of proportion. His friends come over part way through and I try to head back with them, because I don’t know my way around except he kept me there and then we finished eventually… And he walked me back and I pretended to call my friend to find her and I got away… But only my friends know about this and I’ve been trying to tell my mom, but she would kick me out and… yeah. I don’t know.

— Survivor, age 16

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