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My Rapes

I am an alcoholic/addict in recovery. I have a little over 1yr sobriety and I am 44yrs old. I honestly cannot remember how many times I’ve been raped. While I watched the film, I thought of two. I don’t really want to think of the rest. I was drinking and using drugs during both of the instances. I always feel like, had I not been messed up, that these things wouldn’t have happened to ME. I reported the later, and positively identified the guy, but the police never filed charges and I never followed through. It is something I have thought of doing many times since I got sober. In New Orleans, there were hundreds of rape cases that got put away and after years, they made an announcement through the media that these unfinished rape cases would be reopened. I am aware that rape happens all over to innocent people even if they are sober. I wish you the best of luck in spreading the word that women have rights and have the right to protect their bodies and choose who they want to be with sexually. Thank you. I just wanted to speak out!

— Tricia


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