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My so called “best friend”

I had just moved into a new school. 7th grade. I met a guy Named Eric. I was absolutely obsessed with him. We dated for a while, nothing serious though. I moved schools, then came back in the 8th grade. That’s when it all started. In class, he would send notes to me asking me to perform sexual favors. When I declined, he’d always go to his signature move. “We’re best friends, and best friends do anything for each other”. I declined each time. He would rub my boobs every time he walked by me in the hallway. I never told my family because I wanted to handle it by myself. It got worse. One day in art class, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his face and said “we’re gonna go to the bathroom, and you’re going to give me a blowjob. No excuses”. I pulled away and ran across the room to another seat beside another girl. I cried, and she asked what was wrong, and I said nothing. After class, he pushed me into the bathroom, and forced me to give him a blowjob and raped me. I was 14 at the time this happened. Then I knew I had to tell someone. As I was getting out of the car to go to school, I noticed I had kept one of his notes in my binder. I purposefully planted it in the floor, hoping my mom would see it. She did. She took it to school, and he was expelled for the rest of the year. Or so we thought.
I had two days ISS, but I honestly didn’t care. He was gone. I could finally be at peace. It was the week before Christmas break. I had overheard my friend saying Eric was coming back. My heart sunk. As soon as I got home, I told my mom. She freaked out.

First day back from Christmas break. Eric walks into the class, and smiles at me. I felt my skin crawl. Later that day, we were put into groups of two. My teacher put me and him together. While we were doing our book work, he pulled out his penis. He forced me to give him a handjob. I cried.

That afternoon, I went on gmail to find my homework file, and sure enough, he sent me a message asking for more favors. I finally had proof that he was still pressuring me. I showed the principal. She did NOTHING. She gave ME ISS and he was FREE TO GO. I have never been so mad in my entire life. My mom posted my ENTIRE story on her facebook page! I DID NOT WANT MY MOM SHARING IT WITH A BUNCH OF HER FRIENDS I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW!

Finally, the end of the school year arrived, and I haven’t spoken to him since then. I am a freshman in high school now, 15, and doing better. I still struggle with PTSD, panic attacks, and more. But I’m in therapy, and have medicine to help me.

Whatever you’re going through is temporary. Please, get help. And know I believe in you.

– Jade, age 15


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