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My Step Father

When I was three my parents got divorced. They both remarried. When I was six I was at my mom’s house and he was in the computer room. I went in there to play on the computer not knowing he was in there. He was on the computer watching what I now know as porn videos. He told me to sit on his lap as he touched me through my underwear. Then he told me to get undressed and he did the same. He then used his man part to rub me down there. This continued until I was ten. Once he even made me drink a full bottle of Mikes hard lemonade. He told me it made people more cooperative. Once he made me use adult toys. I don’t think he ever penetrated but I might have been sleeping. I didn’t speak up till u was in fifth grade. I did not know the same thing was happening to my brother. He was never put in jail or persecuted. Four years later it still haunts me. I wish I could have stopped it sooner.


  • Gisselle
  • Alissa Ackerman


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