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My Story.

I’m Chanel, I’m 12 years old young right? Well here’s my heartbreaking story..
I was hmm.. About 10 or so when it all began. Now MOST people, their stepdads sexualy abuse them, well no. This guy.
He was my older brother.. he was about ehh. 14, he KNEW rigt from wrong. he knew it was all wrong, but he really didnt care. My stepfather, has abusive to me, verbaly && hitting wise. The things my brother dd to me were. Disgusting.. Aftr a while, it just happened more && more. i started once a month to 3 or 4 then 2 or 3 times a week! I couldnt stand it.. The first person I told was my BEST FUCKING FRIEND ZANDRA! “R.I.P” She died, no no, was SHOT DOWN by a man, because she wouldnt sell drugs to him anymore. i witnessed it. I was only 11.. && I only knew her for 7 months.. i miss her soooo much. I would do ANYTHING to take the pain away.. You got it, after a while, when my brother would start raping me 2 or 3 times a week, I started to like it, sick right? I hated but liked it.. i stared not caring what would happen. I didnt really know what COULD happen. no no, i didnt get pregant or anything, but Ive tried to kill myself to many ties. Everyday… When I see him. im scared what he might do. no, i would never call the cops. but he stopped.. but sometimes, he gets a little to close… I havent cut or drank or done any drugs for a while, I plan to stay clean, i want to help people, that are or havebeen in my situation.. Thats my story! Well theres a ton more, but well yah. God bless(:


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