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My Story

I was 5 when my life fell apart. I’m 14 now. I had a babysitter that was very nice, I spent everyday with her because my mother liked to party. Her brother soon moved in with her and he had kids of his own. He saw his kids every week and I became friends with them. The only movies they owned were scary and the first time I got scared my babysitter was sleeping and so I went into her brothers room and he said come lay with me, that is when it happened. This went on for a year, I never said a word. The next year we moved and my mom got a boyfriend when I turned 6, he moved in. He wasn’t a nice man he hurt me and my mom. That lasted for 2 years until they broke up and my grandma took me in. I did tell anyone anything until I was 13. I still haven’t talked about it people know but I never went into detail. I don’t think I am ever going to be ready.


  • Shelby
  • Anonyme


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