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My Story

I was raped when I was sixteen at a party. The party was hosted by my best friends boyfriend at his aunts home. Everyone was drinking heavily. After some hours of drinking I attempted to take myself to a safe place to rest. I was very drunk but my brain was alert. I remember laying on the couch and a boy who had been annoying me all night came into the room. My body was pretty incapacitated from the alcohol even though my mind was still alert. He pulled me off the couch on the floor and started pulling my clothes off. I said no but I couldn’t move my muscles it was like I was paralyzed. He raped me from behind like an animal. When he was finished with me he left me there on the floor. I laid there paralyzed. I woke up naked and sick. I never told anyone about what happened to me. For a long time I just thought that because I was drunk that it wasn’t really rape. But it was rape it wasn’t consented, and I did say no. I never pressed charges, and no one knows about what happened to me. Your story gives me strength and courage to speak out. It makes me inspired to make a change, make a difference. At this point no one knows my story not even my best friend, but I want that to change. may God bless you, Linor, for making thing site, and to spreading the message of your story to free others. And thank you to all the women out there who are following in her light. May god bless us all and let us not let what happened to us be in vain.

— Nadine, age 23

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