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My story

I was 13 when my life changed. My dads best friend had always made me feel uneasy but I never thought anything of it at the time but now looking back the winks, the slapping my bum as he passed was not normal behavior. One night he went out with my dad to a festival and got very drunk. I was asleep when they came home. That night will haunt me forever but I am doing my best to overcome this. When I spoke out to the police i was pregnant, a lot of my family turned their back on my calling me a liar or a slut. I was 13. I couldn’t cope after I had the abortion and went into a very bad place and self-harmed a lot. I regret the abortion more than the night.

As i cant physically speak out as i cant lose any more family or friend it had become my dirty little secret so I thought that’s would be the next best thing speaking out anonymously.

— Survivor, age 18

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