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My story

if anyone is unable offer me support or assistance please pray for me?thank you, i come to you tired and heart sick as i am in a bad place, its been a year or so since my abusive husband attacked me physically but i live in fear he could hurt me again and everyday i live endure verbal emotional mental and financial abuse each day and i have tried to reach out for many years and many times and noone will assist me, please let me share my personal life with you, i am not a stranger to abuse heartbreak and pain, i grew up in a abusive household i was raped when i was 13 and i struggled with it and found the courage to tell my mother she called me a whore and blamed me and i was raped again when i was 21 by my abusive husband and too ashamed to tell anyone and in 2017 i was injured by my husband in a domestic violence, and yes that day in 2017 he was arrested, i have a victims number from my local sheriffs but the officer that handled my victims number left me in the home after he was arrested and after i explained i dont have transportation or cell phone and i asked if he could call a womens shelter if possible to come get me and he did not as at that time and present day i do not have a cell phone and yes hes been physically abusive in the past and i endure consistant and everyday verbally mentally abusive and very financially abusive\’\’so i went to er\’palmdale regional\’ and xrays showed partial lung collaspe and i have been unable to obtain medical care or even a 2nd opinon becouse on that day in 2017 at my primary care clinic at the time my abusive husband lied to the dr he told her i had been sick and coughing hard and that is how i injured myself and the dr believed him and that is a lie, my husband injured me. and i also have been unable to obtain medical care or even a 2nd opinion becouse as i said my husband is very financially abusive, i dont have any money and i dont have transportation too seek medical care on my own and its my hope to find support compassion and understanding and safe and sanitary housing or shelter and since my injury in 2017 i have reached out so many times in my area for assistance only to be ingnored or denied, , i have spoke with countless shelters both in my area and not in my area \’\’\’\’including valley oasis and mental health of amerca\”\”\”and even \’twin lakes church\’ they know me well ii went to as a child knowing of my demise offered no comfort or support not one is able to come get me or offer me other services, recources and what am i suppossed or expected to do?continue to endure verbal mental financial abuse and wait for him to hurt me again? i have no money no transportation and not even family support so i cant exactly get myself to a safe place, i also suffer major depression anxiety panic disorder and schizophrenia and all of this has taken a toll on my mental health.

— Christina, age 48

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